Police Foundations put to the test


Sheridan College was among five schools this month to compete in an annual police test, which is mandatory for anyone in the province who wants to be a cop.

Police Foundations students from Sheridan, Niagara, Mohawk, Centennial and Georgian competed in the second annual Physical Readiness Evaluation for Police test (PREP).

Each brought two of their best male and female competitors to Sheridan’s Davis Campus in Brampton in the hopes of achieving the best time on the course.

Brodie Allen of Mohawk clocked in at 1 minute, 33 seconds to earn himself first place in the male category. Second place went to Dylan Banks of Centennial with a time of 1:35.

Shanice Szmidt of Centennial placed first in the female category with a time of 1:55, second place went to Chelsey Draker of Georgian with a time of 1:56. Both achieved their fastest times in their second attempt.

“What students need is to have a certain level of endurance to go through the PREP. They’re scaling over a four-foot fence, they’re scaling up and down stairs, they’re dragging a 150-pound dummy, they are pursuing a push pull machine as well as an arm constraint,” said Police Foundations professor Jessica McLean.


Police Foundations student participants

Police Foundations student participants


Requirements of completing the course correctly included touching two steps of the staircase, both up and down, then when jumping the fence, making contact with one foot. The push exercise allowed students to cross their feet while keeping the 75-pound weight elevated through six repetitions.

Students had to drag a victim dummy about 40 feet and position the dummy appropriately to imitate saving a victim in a real-life scenario.

“After completing the circuit, you have to do the dummy drag, and it’s a lot of weight. That’s what I found the hardest,” said Allen.

Szmidt was able to reduce her time by three seconds upon her second attempt. “The most challenging part was to try to keep your pace, because you don’t want to overdo the running part because you need to use your strength and stability for the push pull exercise,” said Szmidt.

Mike Grant, Andrew Dickinson, Amanda Rebuli and Alexandra Marchand represented Sheridan College.

Participants experienced the most difficulty at the end of the course where they worked to complete the dummy drag. “The floor was a little slippery, and the dummy is pretty heavy. After all that running, it’s the last thing you want to be doing at that time,” said Dickinson.

Grant was first to attempt the score setting the bar high with a time of 1:37. Dickinson was able to achieve the same time upon his second attempt shaving five seconds off his initial attempt clocking in at 1:43.

Students had to complete the rigorous obstacle course within 2:42.