Psychic inspires positive outlook


When the spotlight is cast, the man standing in the glow begins to speak. It’s hard to hear him over the clinking of glasses and the fuzzy music. But it’s not hard to gather why he’s there.

“Ask me a smart-ass question,” he jokes, “and you’ll get a smart-ass answer.”

Self-proclaimed psychic Dan Valkos has been visiting Sheridan College for more than 20 years. And every time he comes, he tries to instil a positive feeling in those with whom he speaks.

When Valkos took the Marquee stage last week, he allowed students to come up one at a time and ask him three questions in private. It was the opportunity for students to receive free psychic advice.

“I’m here every semester,” Valkos said. “I’ve been giving advice for quite a while now.”

While the turnout was sparse, it seemed to be a positive experience for the 30 students who trickled their way up to the stage.

“I’m a strong believer in the psychic,” said 17-year-old Matthew Nemes, a first-year Art Fundamentals student. “He’s awesome, a fantastic guy. Anytime you see him, go to him.”

Within the past year, Valkos has released an ebook titled The Psychic World and How You Can Be A Part of It. The book helps individuals develop their own psychic abilities and also delves into the power of dreams, superstitions, astral projection, reincarnation, ghosts and hauntings.

Nemes plans to buy a copy to fulfil his intense interest in the psychic world.

Visual and Creative Arts student Skyelar Clinton, 21, also enjoyed her chat with Valkos.

“He scared me a little bit, but not in a bad way,” Clinton said. “I asked him about my boyfriend and I. And he said it’s been a while since someone’s made me laugh. I almost started crying because it’s true.”

Clinton has had a lot going on in her personal life and said Valkos helped make her feel better for the future.

“It was very positive,” Clinton said. “I missed him the first two years I’ve been here, and so I’m glad I finally got to see him.”

For someone who enjoys helping people, not a lot has changed in Valkos’s world.

“I’m collecting Canada pension now,” the 62 year old joked. But he insisted his favourite part of visiting Sheridan is being able to help out young people.

“I like to give kids some advice and insight,” Valkos said, “telling a young kid who’s never heard it from anybody before that he’s not a loser, that whatever path they’re on is right for them, that he’s a decent human being and he’s worthwhile. And a lot of times it’s the first time any adult’s ever told these kids anything like that.”

Valkos’s relationship with the psychic world goes back to 1974. He became aware of his ability when he was shown a photograph of a young girl who was missing. He told the father she ran three blocks away and that she would return. According to Valkos, his insight became truth.