Newly elected SU Board members have big changes in mind


The three newly elected students who have filled the Student Union seats for Davis Campus plan to make some big changes for the college. Davis Campus had eight candidates in total.

Muhammad Khan, a third-year Business Marketing student, was motivated to run by identifying ways to improve how Student Union can benefit the lives of college students.

Khan says he plans discuss ways to increase student printing credits at his first Student Union Board meeting.

“I have gone up to so many students, and not even one person was happy with just $5,” said Khan in a phone interview. “I’m going to try to get it up to maybe $15 or $20, because that’s reasonable.”

Khan also wants to discover ways to make students more aware of what the Student Union can do to assist them.

“It’s kind of shocking that some people don’t even know what Student Union is about,” said Khan. “I started creating awareness by telling people that they’re taking it wrong, that this is not only about pubs, this is also about programs like Safe Walk and on-campus employment.”

Khan says he also wants to get more students involved in Student Union events to raise more money to invest in students.

“I want to help improve student pub events because I think that’s the best way to get the SU more revenue. The more they get, the more they give,” said Khan.

Shivam Bansol, a first-year Electronics Engineering Technician student, also aims to ask students what needs to be changed improve life at Sheridan College.

Bansol says that he conducted a survey of students at Davis Campus, claiming that students were not satisfied by the opening times of the gym.

“I got positive feedback from the students because they want the timing to be changed,” said Bansol. “The gym in Davis Campus is open at eight in the morning, but they want it to be open at six instead.”

Bansol would like to address this at his first board meeting.

“My goal is to help students in each and every circumstance, and to make them feel at home as well,” said Bansol.

Bansol also wants the Student Union to help students find employment, both on and off campus.

Bansol says he was inspired to join the Student Union because he believed that if he wanted to see improvements, he’d need to do it himself.

The third elected candidate from Davis Campus, Nikku Koshy Mathew, was unavailable for comment.

The final results of the election can be found on the Sheridan Student Union website.