Pie for Pi Day


Apple, pumpkin and lemon, oh my!

These are just a few types of pies that Sheridan’s Davis Campus served last Friday to commemorate Pi Day.

Pi Day is a day celebrated around the world to honour the mathematical equation, and is held on the third month and 14th day. It is also on the same day as Einstein’s birthday.

The event drew many students to the tables providing more than 425 pieces of pie and ice cream to students who were asked trivia questions about the Career Centre before getting their free dessert.

Sara Lee has been providing goodies for the event since it first began six years ago, according to Brittany Wallace, a 22-year-old volunteer and a student at Sheridan.

If students wanted ice cream with their pie, it only cost them $1.  The drive raised $172.

The proceeds and donations went to Mount Sinai Hospital, the Davis Bruins Toastmasters Club as well as the Student Emergency Fund. The event also encouraged students to learn more about the Career Centre.

“It just gets students engaged and learning about the services that we have at the Career Centre, which, you know, promotes career success,” said Wallace.

Jibar Mahamoud, 21, a second year General Arts & Science – University Profile student was his way to class when he stumbled upon the line.

“I see this crazy line up and I’m like, ‘What is this about?’ and it’s free pie! So I’m like, ‘I’m going in that line up too,’” said Mahamoud as he finished off his slice of pumpkin pie.

Hozay Din, 22, and Ryan Moyse, 19, both first-year students in Computer Engineering, discovered the event from the posters around campus.

“I saw the posters two or three days ago,” said Moyse, who had pumpkin pie.

“This is my first time coming, I mean, I saw the posters, I saw the table, so why not?” said Din. “I had pecan pie. Pecan pie is the best, just for the record. It’s 10 times better than pumpkin pie will ever be.”