Assault in Sheridan’s woods



An assault last Thursday morning of a 21-year old woman near a wooded path near Trafalgar campus is under investigation by Halton Police.

Constable Cindy Sunstrum is heading the investigation along with two other officers, said Detective Sergeant John Mans, a member of the Child Abuse and Sexual Assault unit. The victim came across three white men in their early to mid-20s, who appeared to be intoxicated. One suspect apparently pushed the victim into another suspect who then grabbed her, but she managed to break free, said Michael Burjaw, head of Sheridan Security.

After fleeing from her assailants, the victim was escorted to Sheridan by security, said Mans.

“As of now we don’t believe this case and last year’s cases are related,” said Mans. “There’s a difference.”

Last year, there were five assaults on or near Trafalgar Campus between August and February. In each case there was only one suspect. The previous cases are still under investigation, said Mans who added that one detective and three officers are still following up on leads.


The last Burjaw learned about the victim was that police still had to follow up for another interview.

Sheridan is co-operating with Halton Police and has already submitted footage from the incident and “we’re going to help in whatever way the police ask,” said Burjaw.

“We’ve redeployed staff . . . we have anywhere between three to five staff on guard in the mornings,” said Burjaw.

On one of the most-used bridges, the Town of Oakville has put up “no loitering” signs behind Sheridan, said Burjaw. “I’m probably through those woods two or times, three days a week,” he said, adding that Sheridan security also makes patrols in the area.

“Right now we’re re-encouraging the Safe Walk program,” said Burjaw.

Anyone with information is urged to contact the Halton Police CASA unit at (905) 825-4747 extension 8970.