Sheridan students can’t say ‘no’ to Nintendo

Dave Paterson 1-ups Nintendo pub night with his Luigi costume.

Dave Paterson 1-ups Nintendo pub night with his Luigi costume. (Robert Sgotto / The Sheridan Sun)


Sheridan’s Marquee took a warp pipe to the past last Thursday by adding a touch of Nintendo nostalgia to pub night.

Nintendo fans and partygoers alike came out in costumes to celebrate their favourite characters from games of the past, and to forget about school for the night.

“It’s good to blow off steam,” said Dave Paterson, dressed as Luigi from the Mario Bros franchise. “And with exams, mid terms, and assignments, we can all come out here to enjoy ourselves.”

While there weren’t as many people dressed up as last year’s Nintendo pub night those that were dominated the dance floor.

“My plan is not to be the center of attention,” said Paterson. “But to be the one drawing people on to the dance floor. I spend most of the night waving people on to the floor when it’s empty.”

Some of Nintendo’s biggest fans felt that Student Union could do better when it came to music selection for the pub night, and think it’s part of the reason there weren’t as many costumes this year.

“Last year a lot of people were in costumes,” said Jarrett Reid a student dressed in his best Pokémon attire. “But this year we’re not seeing as many costumes, because other than the costumes themselves, There wasn’t anything Nintendo about it. There are all sorts of classic music and remixes from Nintendo that they could be playing.”

Despite the lack of costumes at this years Nintendo pub night, there was a lot of enthusiasm towards the older games, and when the DJ played the classic Zelda theme, and the original Super Mario brothers theme, the crowd of dancers began to cheer.

“Everyone played Nintendo, it’s been their childhood,” said Jason Zheng dressed as Pikachu. “Our generation grew up with it.”