Exercise your way to the top


Sheridan students can now say no to expensive gym memberships and sign up for one of Sheridans’ on-campus classes for $30.

Sheridan College has a variety of activities available on campus, including Intramural and extramural sports, co-ed fitness, zumba,  Pilates,  yoga, squash, badminton and rock climbing at $30 for 10 classes. For every additional $10, you can get 10 more classes.  Sheridan students can enjoy two free swims and skates at town-owned pools and arenas every week with proof of a student card.

“We also have a smash stress club, where we do badminton, table tennis and we also have a martial arts club, ” said Tom Hipsz, fitness coordinator at Sheridan.

All clubs are free with a student card.

Working out is a great way to relieve stress, meet people and stay healthy. But a lot of students pay high prices for gym memberships only to go not nearly as much as they had anticipated.

“The classes offered at Sheridan are really cheap compared to buying a gym membership,” said Hipsz.

Lets face it, getting up and going to the gym isn’t the easiest thing for some students, but no more excuses. Now you only have to travel down the A Wing to go the gym.

“It’s a matter of students taking time in their schedule, if you make time for fitness classes it`s been found that those students are way more apt to stay in school and graduate,” said Hipsz. 

Instead of hitting the pub after class, hit the gym; work out your arms lifting weights instead of pitchers.

“Exercising is beneficial for students because it gets your blood circulating, you wont feel so cramped sitting down to study and your brain will feel refreshed instead of foggy,” said Ashley Wowk, an employee at LA Fitness and a Sheridan student.

Classes start next Monday, and you can sign up at the front desk of Sheridan’s Trafalgar Recreational Centre.

All classes available are posted on the boards around the school and online.

“Healthy body and a healthy mind, students will feel better, look better, and do better at school, it’s a win –win- win,” said Hipsz.

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