East and West art photo gallery


Khuzina - Photo Gallery

Virender Paul Madan’s image from his collection of Canadian American photos. (Photo by Renata Khuzina/The Sheridan Sun)

A good photographer has powerful and beautiful images that can capture the immediacy of a moment like nothing else. Canadian artist and photographer Virender Paul Madan who is exhibiting his first solo fine art photography show called Just Like India believes that photography is a miracle of the modern world.

“I’m thrilled to be taking my photographs all over the world and sharing them with society,” said Madan, whose exhibit is at Oakville’s Queen Elizabeth Park Community and Cultural Centre until Oct. 7.

“Photography gives us instant visual information from all over the planet, and it is a simple source of creative pleasure and fun.”

Khuzina - Photo Gallery

Virender Paul Madan with a customer at his first solo fine art photography show. (Photo by Renata Khuzina/The Sheridan Sun)

Madan describes himself as a scanner attached to a big hard drive – he says he watches, intakes, saves and then reflects in his fine art photography.

Just Like India is the collection of his photographs of Canada and the U.S. which bring to mind of his birthplace India.

“I think it would be interesting to discover if someone will find similar connections of my photographs with another country,” said Madan.

His photos are about admiring people in their natural elements, state of mind, and in their own beautiful environmental world.

“It is my effort to bring East and West together for better friendship and understanding through my photography,” added Madan.

Khuzina - Photo Gallery

Visitors at fine art photography exhibit. (Photo by Renata Khuzina/The Sheridan Sun)

Just Like India impressed many visitors at the exhibit with its impact.

“ I love the comparisons he has drawn. They make the world seem smaller, the people closer and the cultures similar in more ways that we imagine,” said Mariam Khalib.