Paying for print: How much will it really cost?


The luxury of attending one of the few Ontario post-secondary institutions with campus-wide free printing will soon be over. Over the next few weeks, the college will implement a pay-for-print system for each campus. Students will receive a $5 initial printing credit from the college. Once that credit runs out, you will be responsible for purchasing your own top-up cards to print on campus.


  • Cards can be purchased in denominations of $5, $10 and $20
  • You can purchase a card at each campus bookstore (cash/debit/credit), library (debit only) and Instructional Technology Support Centre (ITSC) [debit only]
  • Cards can also be purchased at the Learning Commons service desk (Trafalgar and Davis Campuses) [debit only] and The Office of the Registrar at the Skills Training Centre
  • You can also top up online in MyStudent Centre using a debit card

For more background on the Sheridan IT Department’s printing initiative, check out their projects page. For top-up card information, refund policies and printing prices, visit the PaperCut Self-Help Desk 

An informative breakdown of Sheridan's new pay-for-print initiative.

An informative breakdown of Sheridan’s new pay-for-print initiative.

For more details, be sure to read Nat Gilpo’s article on the new pay-for-print system here, or in this week’s print issue of The Sheridan Sun.

[Sources: Alex Virapen, Manager of IT Operations at Sheridan; Sheridan College IT Department Website