Student Union bids farewell to marketing manager


Daniel LaCute sits in the SU office he's occupied for the past two and a half years.

Daniel LaCute sits in the SU office he’s occupied for the past two and a half years.

For the past two and half years, Daniel LaCute has been the guy approving posters, updating Sheridan’s social media outlets and handling Student Union event marketing.

And now, he’s leaving.

LaCute is the marketing and communications manager at Sheridan Student Union Incorporated (SSUI). He’s the person in charge of getting messages across to 17,000 students, at all three campus locations.

LaCute, 23, came to Sheridan after graduating with a Communications degree from Wilfrid Laurier University.

“I saw all the cool stuff that was going on at Sheridan and set my sights on working here,” he said.

He’s been enjoying it ever since.

“It’s a really fun job. Every single day is different and in turn it allows me to be creative and think on my feet,” said LaCute. “And I’ve gotten the chance to work with some really awesome students.”

LaCute’s position was posted online at the end of August, as he’s leaving SSUI to enter into an account coordinator position at a marketing agency in Toronto.

“Things can change quickly in SU, so working here has taught me to think quickly and adapt,” he said. “We have a very creative school and a lot of people who appreciate that creativity so I’ve learnt to think outside the box.”

Student Union president Jenna Pulver recognizes LaCute’s unique approach to the job.

“We’d like someone who can follow the vision that’s been created,” she said. “We’re looking for someone creative and good with project management”.

Potential candidates don’t have to be Sheridan grads, but it would provide an advantage.

“I think Sheridan students better understand the uniqueness of SU,” Pulver said.

As excited as LaCute is to enter his new position, he has a deep appreciation for his time at Sheridan.

“I want to thank all Sheridan students, it’s been an amazing experience and I can’t wait to see what SU accomplishes in the next couple of years,” he said.

The deadline to apply for the marketing and communications manager position was Sept. 11.

The position requires 37.5 hours a week, including evening and weekend work.

The starting salary is $50,000 per year.