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Trafalgar Campus is hot on the trail of one of the fastest growing career paths in the creative industry.

The Bachelor of Interaction Design, introduced this month, focuses on design, mobile computing, e-commerce, marketing, production and innovation. The first-year class is made up of approximately 65 students.

The program gives students “the capacity to imagine the job and be adaptable in terms of industry,” said Donna Braggins, the Faculty of Animation, Arts and Design’s Associate Dean. “It’s all about how people interact with technology, different programs and job fields.”

According to Braggins, the Interaction Design program offers a team-based environment, which reflects job standards in applicable industries.

“[The program] focuses on the design of the communication process, with strong roots in visual communication and culture,” she said. “A sound understanding of computer programming is also incorporated as well as digital media and a sense of how to construct and communicate visually. It’s all about the design.”

A diverse range of courses is offered over the span of the program’s four years, which aim to make students knowledgeable in all areas of the field. Students will write, study design fundamentals and project management, build a portfolio and complete a work placement in their final year.

“One of the core values of this program will be a strong relationship with the industry,” said Braggins. “Students will complete placements at large and boutique corporate communications firms and at leading technology companies.”

“One of the things that became clear is that the industry is waiting for the program,” she said. “I have people asking me, ‘When is the first round of the program graduating? When will you have interns ready?’ People are looking for accredited skilled people ready to enter the workforce – people with a technical background.”

Another benefit of the program is the opportunity for students to sharpen their entrepreneurial skills.

“We can foster entrepreneurial skills and opportunities during the course and we want to draw that out from students,” said Braggins. “If you would like to launch your own business, this is a good program for you.”

Students are exposed to a wide range of up-and-coming technology, such as 3-D printing with a new digital fabrication lab being added to Trafalgar Campus.

“What’s exciting is that everything in this program and industry is emerging,” she said. “When you walk in, the opportunities are going to be growing and growing.”

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