TED talk comes to Milton: featured three Sheridan faculty members


Golnaz Golnararghi from Sheridan College’s faculty of business knows what it’s like to be different.

Golnararghi told her story at the TEDx talk in Milton on Saturday about her challenges with immigration from Iran to Canada as a young child, where she was ostracized for her religion.

“When I see a student struggle, I strive to include that student. Especially in the classroom, I try to include everyone and their differences,” says Golnaraghi.

Golnaraghi identified herself first as an Iranian, Canadian and a feminist. It was only after she embraced her hybrid personality that she identified as a Muslim as well.

“If we are silent about one issue that is personally important to us chances are we will be silent on other things that matter as well,” said Golnaraghi.

Golnaraghi builds relationships in her diverse classrooms based on her understanding of being different.

The TED talks started in California 25 years ago as an exclusive invitation-only event and talks now are held around the world.

This was the first TED talk held in Milton and featured three members of the Sheridan faculty.

“Behind every successful woman is herself,” said Tamara Lopez a Sheridan business professor.

“Behind every successful woman is herself,” said Tamara Lopez a Sheridan business professor.

Lopez used humour to approach her talk.

“It keeps the atmosphere light, everyone is comfortable with throwing a joke in there every once in a while,” said Lopez.

Some feel emotion has no place in business but in the business classrooms, emotion, humour and life experiences are being used to connect teachers to their students making them more approachable and easier to learn from.

“How do you know if you’re taking the right path?” said Ginger Grant, a professor of creativity and innovation at Sheridan College.

“I have used TED Talks in almost every lecture I do since 2006,” said Grant.

Grant’s talk focused on corporate culture and how to maximize talent. Everything we are supposed be doing and what we aren’t.

“Business for the last 40 years has been trying to remove all emotion. If we are going to compete on a world stage people have to step in their passion, and that is emotion. Whether business likes it or not,” said Grant.

Other speakers at the Milton event included Tyler Mazereeuw, (sport and sponsorship marketing), Carolyn Thompson (singer, bandleader, voice and performance coach, actor) and Ian Morrison, technician, paleobiology, department of natural history at the ROM.

To find out more about TEDx visit: ted.com/tedx.