Apple iOS7 update drawing mixed reviews


The new Apple iOS update is drawing mixed reviews.

Last week Apple released iOS 7, which drastically changed the look and feel of apps run on its handheld devices.

Sheridan student Luke Iaboni, 18, likes the changes made.

“I really like the changes,” Iaboni said. “I like how they’re trying to lean towards Android devices so it’s more universal.”

While Iaboni likes the changes, not everyone feels the same way. Shane Miljevic, a student at Trafalgar Campus, isn’t a fan of what Apple has done.

“I don’t like the changes. In my opinion it seems like Apple really wants to copy the Android platform,” Miljevic said. “You can see through the use of many different tools that they have now that it’s basically the same as Android.”

Iaboni thinks it’s good that iOS 7 is similar to Android and believes that will help attract new users.

“(The update) is user friendly and similar to Android so they should have people switching (devices).”

Miljevic, 18, can see why some people like the recent update, but his stance won’t change.

“It seems to me the changes are the same thing as before… just with a little more spark,” Miljevic said. “It’s cool but it’s nothing big. It’s just the same stuff over and over again.”

Miljevic disagrees with Apple’s decision to be more like Android rather than going with a more unique look.

“I like Android. I don’t like the Apple changes because they’re basically the same as Android,” Miljevic said. “It’s like wanting Doritos made by President’s Choice instead of the ones by Doritos.”