Bruins conquer the Mountaineers


The Bruins men’s rugby team made history over the weekend, recording the college’s first ever shutout in the sport with a monumental win over the Mohawk Mountaineers.

“We are another step closer to our goal, which is the playoffs,” said men’s head coach Carlos Moniz after his team won 22-0. It’s the team’s first shutout since joining the Ontario College Athletics Association rugby league 13 months ago.  The Lady Bruins also came out on top, winning their match 20-12 against the Mountaineers.

Mohawk came out strong early in the men’s match with possession in the Bruins defensive territory. A wide kick forced the turnover, allowing the Bruins to work back up field and open the scoring with a successful penalty kick delivered by Sam Everett.

Darren Prong tackled through Mohawk defenders after a pass from Aaron Phillpotts, earning them their first try of the game, but no conversion on the kick putting them ahead 8-0 after half.

“You’re playing territorially, more in their half now, keep the pressure on them, don’t give it up,” said Moniz during his half-time speech. The Bruins certainly wouldn’t let up faced with rising tension in the second half.

Lamar Williams scored with a breakaway play early in the final half. Jack Trainor delivered the final try of the game. Successful conversion kicks on both plays from Everett topped the scoring off at 22-0.

“We were one mistake away from having quite a good game, either a dropped ball, or a bad pass, a mistake here and there, had we just got that one extra pass, or a better handle on the ball, we could’ve definitely put more points on,” said Moniz, who knows their next match up Sept. 28 against Georgian Grizzlies will make for a challenging homecoming.

Darren Prong tackles through Mohawk defenders to score the first try of the match

Darren Prong tackles through Mohawk defenders to score the first try of the match.

Earlier in the day, Cecilia Lac had opened the scoring for the Lady Bruins season with a burst of speed down the right wing. “It’s all a team effort,” said Lac afterwards.

Khadeshia Thompson scored a try to increase their lead to 10, followed by a try from Shannon Paterson to put them up 15-0 before the half. Both plays saw no conversions on the kick.

Mohawk answered back in the second half to open their scoring and couldn’t convert on the kick. Lac put away the final try for the Bruins with no conversion, earning herself 10 points in the match.

Mohawk ended the scoring with a try and conversion, taking the differential down to 8. The ladies take on the Seneca Sting for their homecoming match, promising great action with rugby and soccer doubleheaders.

“Next week is our homecoming match and we’re playing a very good team,” said Moniz, who looks to phase out the team’s minor errors this week in practice.