Hall of Fame recognizes athletes who shone brightest


Once a Bruin, always a Bruin. The latest inductees to Sheridan College’s sports Hall of Fame epitomize that philosophy.

Members of the 1989-1990 men’s volleyball team were inducted to the Hall of Fame in a ceremony Saturday. Also inducted were: Harry Vlachos (men’s basketball 1970-1972,) Jon Falcon (men’s hockey 1974-1977) and Althea Brevett (women’s volleyball 1984-1987.)

The volleyball team, which won multiple tournaments, maintained a strong bond of friendship throughout the years.

“All five of the guys that are here today, are five of my best friends today. That’s 25 years after I’ve graduated. So the most memorable experience I’ve had are the friendships I’ve made that have lasted me a lifetime,” said Rob Brown, who was previously inducted in the Hall of Fame as a player.

“Our coaches drove us almost to tears in our practices most of the time. We always used to go to apartment buildings and run up and down 20 flights of stairs just to get our legs into shape.”

Sheridan president Jeff Zabudsky was present to congratulate with the inductees.

“I’m so proud of this event, which was inaugurated a number of years ago by Jim Flack, because I think it’s so important that we acknowledge the successful history of this organization,” Zabudsky said.

Falcon, the 1977 male athlete of the year, was happy that the athletics department recognizes athletes, both present and past.

Stuart Hooper, a coach for Sheridan men’s basketball team, had some advice for present and future Bruins.

“You’re here to get a degree. You’re not going to the NBA. Get a good job and have a great life. Get good grades, take everything they’re offering here for your education.”

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