Sheridan Rough Cuts off to a smooth start


Those who know Destinee Browning have referred to her as fearless, because the second year broadcast journalism student will try anything once.

Perhaps it was this courageous attitude that set her apart in the auditions to be this year’s face of Sheridan’s Rough Cuts.

Rough Cuts is an online show produced specifically for Sheridan students to enlighten them about what’s going on around campus.

The broadcast journalism program started the show last year, but struggled getting it off the ground.

“It just didn’t have the support it needed,” Browning said. “Nothing got out there.”

But Browning and the broadcast program have big plans for this year.

“I have a business and marketing team who also had to audition,” she said. “This year we’re really putting it out there.”

Rough Cuts will be featuring a segment called “Destinee Does” in which Browning goes into different programs and classrooms and does the work those students would do.

Browning stands next to one of her many posters around campus.

Browning stands next to one of her many posters around campus.

An upcoming edition will find Browning rolling up her sleeves and doing some hands on pottery work in the Crafts and Design program.

“I’ve learned so much about the school,” she said. “Rough Cuts really shows you what sort of school you’re going to. You get to see where your money is going.”

The program is directed not only to current students but also to those thinking about enrolling.

“People are more visual now,” Browning said. “Before coming here I researched the school online, I wanted to know everything I could about my program.”

Browning said she has no regrets about entering the program.

“Sheridan is so innovative, our technology is so impressive,” she said. “I research a lot of respected professionals in my field and so many of them have come from Sheridan.’

See what Browning is up to on twitter @rcsheridan and catch Rough Cuts every month at