Annual HMC events give students a fresh start


Last Saturday, Hazel McCallion campus held an event called Sheridan FreshFest.

The event was a way for students at HMC to network and make new connections with students they had not met before. It was planned by both students and alumni and will be held annually.

“The main thing is connecting first years was our prime target but then we invited students from all years, because it’s important for them to make connections upward as well.  It’s also a great way to find out about things that other students are doing on campus,” said Crystal Bennett, one of the event’s coordinators.

While at the event, students participated in a game called The Amazing Race. Students were directed throughout the campus, completing mini games such as blowing a series of plastic cups off a table through a straw, and solving riddles.

HMC students stage a mock business meeting as part of The Amazing Race

HMC students stage a mock business meeting as part of The Amazing Race

Between the scheduled events of the day, attendees waited in a lecture hall off the entrance, where they socialized over food and drinks. “We should totally start a marketing club guys!” said Emmanuel Arriesgablo excitedly, after talking with several students and finding out they too were in the marketing program.

Attendees played a game of Jeopardy!, with business and Sheridan themed questions. Afterward, they were divided into groups to make a cheer for the cheer-off.

Enactus Sheridan, a group of students whose goal it is to help struggling entrepreneurs get their ideas off the ground also attended FreshFest.

Students who registered for the event were eligible to win an iPad in a draw. The prize was won by Yash Parmar, a Sheridan graduate, as well as owner and operator of SoundShock, a news outlet for independent music produced in Ontario.