The Inside Ride puts the fun in fundraiser


Men, women and children pedalled their hardest on stationary bikes for the Inside Ride last Saturday in Mississauga.

The Inside Ride is a biking fundraiser where teams raise money for Ontario Parents Advocating for Children with Cancer.

“We provide support for parents whose children are being diagnosed with cancer all across the province of Ontario,” said James Thomson, community engagement co-ordinator.

The event, held at Playdium, is in its third year. Each team is assigned to a bike. There are six people per team and each team member rides the bike for five minutes culminating in an hour bike ride.

The event was lively, with a DJ playing songs like “We Can’t Stop,” “Can’t Hold Us” and “Staying Alive.” People also were wearing costumes and were dressed up as a variety of different things from bears to hot dogs. There was also a charismatic MC.

At the end the bike riding medals were given out.

Lori Barber biking for her team, Together Strong.

Lori Barber biking for her team, Together Strong.

Top fundraisers

  1. Team Sachi – $7,253.00
  2. NYF Premium Dogs – $3,200.00
  3. Susan’s Super Cyclists – $2,021.00
  4. SNKCR Alumni – $1,310.00
  5. Together Strong – $1,190.00

This Inside Ride was dedicated to every parent who has a child going tough treatment. One of the groups who spoke after the medals were given out was the Smart family. In 2012, their son Dylan was diagnosed with leukemia and needed a bone marrow transplant before treatment. All three of Dylan’s siblings were not a match but luckily his dad was a half match and the OPACC helped them through every step of the way with support groups to looking at bone marrow donors for Dylan.

The team the Smiling Bears winning a medal for farthest distance

The team the Smiling Bears winning a medal for farthest distance

The fundraising goal was set at $30,000, although the total amount of money raised was $24,376, it did surpass last year’s goal of $20,000.

For more information OPACC. For more info visit the Inside Ride. Click the link if you want to donate to OPACC’s Inside Ride.