Sheridan’s pizza maker


From his pizza dough tricks to his heartwarming smile, Gino’s Pizza employee Abid Abid is an integral part of Sheridan’s student community.

The 42-year-old pizza maker isn’t in it for the dough. His drive to continue working for Gino’s comes from his love for Sheridan’s student body. “I would not be here if you guys were not,” said Abid. “I love you like family.”

Since 2007, Abid has been serving Sheridan students. Being located just across the road from the college helps business immensely. This is especially beneficial on pub nights.

“I love it, having everyone around,” said Abid with a smile.

With Gino’s so close, how can students resist? “The convenience is a big reason why I go,” said Gino’s customer Julia D’Andrea. “But the people working there make my visit worthwhile.”

Abid stays in touch with the students. The majority of his Facebook contacts and photos consist of current or previous Sheridan students.

“I would not be here if you guys were not, I love you like family.”

“Abid is caring, generous and personable,” said Gino’s customer Cassandra Bradshaw.

Abid’s generosity and attitude is known among his customers. “I get some free dipping sauce most times,” said Tyler Teal. Giving away free sauce is not the only trick up this pizza maker’s sleeve. Abid entertains his walk-in customers by showing them how he throws and forms pizza dough. “Look my friend,” Abid said as he was making a customer’s pizza.

Another trick of the pizza trade is stacking pizza boxes. When a new delivery for boxes comes into the pizza shop, Abid throws multiple boxes at a time onto a 7-foot-high shelf. They land perfectly every time.

When Abid is not working, he is usually playing with his two birds that stick to him like glue. Even when driving, his birds are on his shoulder or the steering wheel. Abid shows customers pictures of his birds on his phone periodically.

Abid has been living in Canada for 11 years. Originally from Afghanistan, Abid came to Canada in search of more opportunity to work and build a better life for himself. “Canada is great and happy,” said Abid. “Things are better here.”

Abid went on to tell a story regarding a boy whom came into Ginos with no money. He continued to ask Abid if he could have that pizza and pointed to the slice in the trash. “I cry for this boy,” said Abid. “So I say to him no I will make you a fresh piece.” A gentle offer, from a generous man.

Abid throwing dough.


Abid Abid ,Gino’s pizza employee.


Abid showing one of the pizzas he made.


Abid smiles during a happy interaction with a customer.