University fair offers students more options


Sheridan College will hold a university fair Thursday with careercounsellors coming from Wilfrid Laurier, UofT Mississauga, Waterloo and York.

Last week, career counselling specialists from the University of Guelph-Humber,Laurentian University and Griffith University were on hand to answer questions from students looking to further their education.

“There are so many ways to build your knowledge. Students just don’t know what’s out there. That’s why this university fair could help,” said Sheridan College student services counsellor Neil Baldwin.

There was also a representative from who came to show students how to use its easy step-by-step website to find a post-secondary school and program that best suits their needs.

This is the first year that Sheridan is holding a university fair in November. It gives students a look at what the big university fair, scheduled for Jan. 27, will look like. It will offer representatives from more than 25 universities.

“Here is the most popular question students come to me with: ‘Where can I go after I get my degree that will help me with my career?’ ”said Baldwin.

This fair is a chance for students to see what else is out there. Taking a post-grad program for students right out of college or university has become more and more popular, said Baldwin.

“There are three important things that come with this fair. Students can talk to live humans rather than over the phone, universities send out college specialists and students get all of their questions answered about their school of choice on this day,” he said.

Usha Rajpal, a business administrator at Guelph-Humber University, answered questions from students.

“We offer seven different undergraduate programs and require a minimum of 75 per cent grade average,” said Rajpal.

She handed out pamphlets showing what courses students are required to have before applying for these programs, along with other administrative requirements.

“It has definitely made a difference coming on campuses and talking to students about our programs because students would rather talk face to face,” said Rajpal.

But if you’re looking to do a post-graduate program or even to transfer schools and need some help deciding where to go, has been available for students since 2011.

On the website students fill out a questionnaire that asks what education they have and what career goals they want to achieve. The website then takes your answers and matches you up to suitable programs.

Lena Balta, a representative from, offered students some career advice.

“You don’t need any transcripts. It’s very user-friendly and if you decide to take a year off, the site keeps your information saved for when you come back to it,” said Balta.

Sheridan’s 10th annual university fair on Jan. 27 at Trafalgar Campus will let students learn more about post-grad options at different universities and colleges in Canada and abroad.

Davis Campus will host an education fair Friday, Jan. 31 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. The event will be campus-wide, with tables organized in H Wing, the Student Centre, B Wing and C Wing.