Three point madness shuts down the Hawks


Trevor Williams sailed in this season’s highlight three-pointer against the Bruins’ long-time rivals, the Humber Hawks. The Sheridan men’s basketball team (7-0 OCAA) remain undefeated following their 73-72 victory over the Hawks Nov. 19.

“Humber is a good team, and they’re our rivals. We settled down a bit thinking the game was over but they came hard. I put my hats off to them, they played a hard game and we ended up with the win,” said Williams.

At the halfway point of the game, the double blue secured a comfortable 12-point lead on the Hawks at 39-27.

Humber’s defense held it together for the remainder or the game, working hard offensively in the third to bring the scoreboard to 54-45.

The Hawks would produce in the final quarter outscoring the Bruins, 27-19.

Williams rejoices after winning the Humber match

Williams rejoices after winning the Humber match

The final moments of the game meant do or die for the Bruins.

“The play was designed for me to drive. It was passed too early. I saw that and knew I wasn’t going to get to the lane, so I just stepped back, I saw that I had the back [board] because of the angle. I tried it and it went in,” said Williams.

The Bruins possessed the ball in Hawks territory with 3.8 seconds left. Roshean Keen put the ball into the play, feeding a pass to Williams from behind the net.

Williams quickly made a move to get in position for the shot and hit the fade away three that gave Sheridan the win.

“We shouldn’t have won, and we were lucky to win, and that’s all there is to it,” said Bruins head coach Jim Flack.

“Humber did a great job coaching, keeping the guys positive. They made plays they needed to make, and they made the shots they needed to make. You throw all that together and you get results,” said Flack.

Shylanda Saunders challenges a Hawk forward.

Shylanda Saunders challenges a Hawk forward.

Beforehand, the Lady Bruins basketball team (4-3 OCAA) leading scorer Shylanda Saunders was hot from behind the three-point line against the Hawks, leading them to a 58-51 victory.

The Bruins offensive game was on point. Good movement of the ball allowed Samantha Lovat and Sabrina Brathwaite to share the ball in the Hawks zone.

Sheridan held a seven-point lead, 27-20 on the Hawks at the halfway point and took that momentum into the third quickly adding another five points.

The Lady Bruins shared the ball well to Saunders, who scored a game high of 35 points, allowing them to get their score a head to 47-34.

“We had been practicing for this game real hard, we imposed a lot of good things defensively. Defense was our key. We tweaked our offense a little bit, and gave everyone the opportunity to get involved,” said head coach Willie Delas.

Lady Bruin Merika Azar worked to keep the Hawks out of the free throw lane and run down their shot clock.

Humber gained points by converting on free throws off Bruins’ fouls in the zone. Lovat and Saunders consistently capitalized on their offensive opportunities to keep the differential.

Sheridan held off the Hawks to a 58-51 win in the final quarter.

“It’s a win against a No. 1 team, especially in our situation. We’re down a man with Haeven [Durrant] being injured, and it rallies the team, gives them a lot of boost, a lot of confidence. We’re going into the next game with that in mind,” said Delas.

The Lady Bruins will play Redeemer on the road Nov. 29.

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