Run Timmy, Run!



Business is about supply and demand and successful entrepreneurs identify what a community needs and deliver the goods. Every morning Sheridan is flooded with sleep-deprived zombies in search of their next fix and the lineups at the coffee kiosks on campus certainly aren’t getting shorter.

A solution has been found at Davis Campus in the form of Run Timmy Run, a delivery service to keep your caffeine habit alive and your brain functioning at optimum productivity. The operation is in its infancy with one order completed so far. Run Timmy Run was launched on Nov. 9 of this year by co-founders Jibar Mahamoud, 23, and Munif Fahdl, 20.

The startup began after a business brainstorming session among friends.

“We thought, ‘Nobody likes waiting in line, so why not have Tim Hortons delivered?'” said Mahamoud, a second-year General Arts and Science student.
Davis is Sheridan’s largest campus, and has two Tim Hortons locations and Bruin Coffee House to keep students fuelled. With the high number of students at Davis, the lines at Tim’s can get pretty long, sometimes taking 15 minutes to get served, Mahamoud said.


Students wait in line at Timmy’s in the B-wing location of Trafalgar Campus.

“What’s great about our company is that we’re providing a quick premium service,” said Fahdl, a third-year Global Business Management student. “It’s saving you time. It’s really about not wasting time in long lines.”

Enter Run Timmy Run. You text in your order, and you have a choice between a one-time service at $1 or a weekly $5 deal, which ensures your coffee gets to you every day at a specific time. The cost of the coffee is on top of the delivery fee.
“There’s something about having your coffee delivered to you. It’s like a luxury,” Mahamoud said. “You can take care of your work, take care of business, study for your exam, or work on your essay. Then have your cup of coffee there.”
Although the service is only at Davis so far, Mahamoud hopes to expand to both Trafalgar and HMC if they find an investor, and offer part-time jobs to Sheridan students.

“It’d be a great part-time job and we’d be doing a service to students, so they wouldn’t have to wait in line anymore,” Mahamoud said.
When asked if students at Trafalgar would use a service like Run Timmy Run, reviews were mixed, with some favouring the opportunity to get up and walk around during their coffee run, and some finding leaving their work to be an inconvenience.
“I would do it,” said Nicole Scianaro, a first-year Travel and Tourism student. “I drink coffee every day, so it’d be nice to get it delivered once in awhile.”

Tyler Gaeton, a first-year advertising student agrees. “I’d rather be working there (indicating at the Learning Commons) than waiting in this line,” he said. “I’ve got a bunch of projects due this week and next week so I’m pretty much spending all my days in the LC so I’d rather just stay there.”

Run Timmy Run can be found on Facebook, and orders can be placed by texting 416-897-8308.

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