Whole Life Expo offers unique healthy living alternatives


Canada’s largest showcase of natural health, holistic medicine and green living products took place last weekend at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

The 27th Whole Life Expo was a three-day event, sponsored by Ontario’s Ministry of Health. Visitors paid $15 to enjoy the array of health products and services offered. 

Thousands of people roamed the expo to question experts and health professionals, shop for gifts and sample the latest super foods and nutritional remedies.

The convention featured 80 speakers onstage giving advice and more than 225 exhibitors showcasing innovative, healthy merchandise.

Reflexology Association of Canada members offer foot massages to visitors.

Reflexology Association of Canada members offer foot massages to visitors.

Tanmayo Krupanszky, a member of the national organization Canadian Organic Growers, believes that organic growing, eating and clothing is important and she used the expo to get maximum exposure for her message.

 “People that are coming here are already health conscious, and have a lot of questions about it, so we expose people to our ideas,” said Krupanszky.

Shiatsu Therapy Society, located in Toronto, offered massages to visitors.

Shiatsu Therapy Society, located in Toronto, offered massages to visitors.

The venue had everything from sampling health supplements, to meditating with a monk. It was very interactive and offered visitors a chance to experience healthy living through someone else’s eyes.

On site were naturopathic doctors, chiropractors, herbalists, and dentists, giving free consultations.

People also got to see Great Master Qi Fei-long teach Qi-energy, as he used internal healing energy to set fire to a newspaper, stop a clock, twist a steel spoon and break chopsticks with a $20 bill.

Eager to learn, people slowly made their way through the crowded aisles experiencing health alternatives from a different perspective.

Michael Moon, an international musician, composer and performer from Toronto, specializes in the power sound has to heal and transform.

“I work with sound to create a physical vibration. I connect this unseen world with vibratory area of life to physical. I connect to the spirit world and to be able to hear something and manifest it,” said Moon. “I was sick once. I was listening to music, and got better. The rest is history.”

Many of the products available to sample were new to many visitors. Nutritionist Bob Eade claims that staying healthy it is not always about what you eat, but also gaining nutrients through your skin. He was selling 12,000-year-old mud.

“It’s 12,000-year-old plant material from east of Ottawa. It’s a phenomenal spa treatment, which is a mineralized exfoliate and often helps people with skin conditions. It’s a way to get your minerals, but through your skin.  I came here to see my friends, and to help people change their lives. It changed mine,” said Eade.

Visitors trying to find inner peace through transmission meditation.

Visitors trying to find inner peace through transmission meditation.

Some companies were there to share ways to relieve health problems. Jovana Lubarda, a research scientist for the product LivRelief, was on hand to help visitors who have tried other options for dealing with chronic pain.

“It is a natural product meant to formulate molecules deep down through the skin. We have pain relief cream for arthritis, and diabetic neuropathy. We are Health Canada approved and a Canadian innovation, much like a lot of exhibitors here,” Lubarda said. 

She claims her product has helped many people rediscover living a pain free life, including Hall of Fame hockey player Bobby Orr.

“Bobby Orr was suffering in pain because his hockey injuries. Our product got into his hand, and now he endorses it on major television networks. Next year he will be here for sure.”

Brett Logan, a resident of Toronto, says he has been coming here for years, and every year it gets better. He was one of many visitors filling up on healthy samples of food and beverages.

“I always look forward to spending the day here learning something I didn’t know before. Plus, I didn’t need to bring a lunch,” said Logan.


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