Students ‘Real Talk’ about safe sex


Conversations and room temperatures got hot during Sheridan’s sex Real Talk hosted by the Trafalgar residences last Thursday.

The room got toasty when the presentation drew an outstanding crowd of approximately of 125 students from both residences to the night’s affair.

“It was a amazing turn out,” said Cheryl Cnoop–Koopmans, 27, Student Services Counsellor and speaker at the event. “More people came than expected.”

The event is part of a partnership between the school and the residence. Real Talk is an event where students discuss serious issues including, sex, drugs and self-defense.

“We touch on topics that are important to the students,” said Cnoop-Koopmans.

The Real Talk presentation explored the areas of safe sex, prevention against sexual transmitted infections and precautions like watching your drink at a bar or party and walking home in pairs at night.

Students said the Real Talk event was both informative and relaxing.

“The presentation talked about very important topics to our generation,” said Emily Carpenter, 20, a Performing Art-Preparation student.

First-year Media Arts student Matt LeClair, 19, agreed with Carpenter.

“I thought it was informative and the presentation had comedy in all the right places to keep the mood more light,” said LeClair.

The event concluded with a giveaway of sex-related items from the event’s sponsor Stag Shop.

“We used the sponsor because we thought more students would come,” said Cnoop-Koopmans, “It also adds a comfort level to students.”

Cnoop-Koopmans reached out to Stag Shop knowing that they had sponsored an event for the school three years ago.

“They were generous enough to sponsor this event as well,” said Cnoop-Koopmans.

Some students found that the sponsor was the main reason for going.

“I heard that they were having prizes,” said LeClair. “That’s what drew me in.”

““The reason I came was because they were giving out prizes,” said Selina Yates, 22, a first-year Performing Arts-Preparation student.

Although students came for gifts, others came for peace of mind.

“I came to the event to get more educated on topics that are important,” said Carpenter.

Whether it was to leave with a prize or knowledge, everyone gained something from Real Talk.

Counselling is available at Student Services Centre in B104. Information about safe sex is available at Sheridan’s Health Centre beside the bookstore.

Quick Facts:

  • 68 per cent of 18-19 year-olds reported having sexual intercourse in 2010.
  • 15 years can pass before HIV leads to visible symptoms.
  • In Ontario, birth rates declined from 47.4 per cent to 23 per cent in teenagers from 1995-2005.
  • In a National Survey of Sexual Health and Behaviour, 58 per cent of women admitted to receiving oral sex, while 53.6 percent of males admitted to receiving oral sex.

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