Lady Bruins take down Royals 73-56


The Lady Bruins basketball team defeated the Redeemer Royals 73-56 on Jan. 10.

“I think we came together as a group, and worked hard man defence and shut them down, and things just happened on offence cause we worked hard on D,” said guard Samantha Lovat.

Sheridan and Redeemer started off a tightly contested game. The highest lead the Bruins would take would be by 4. Double Blue would end the quarter leading the Royals 16-15.

The half ended with Sheridan leading 37-28 over Redeemer.

Coming into the third quarter, the Bruins would go on a 9-0 run increasing their lead to 17. By the end of the third, Double Blue would lead the Royals 56-41.

Sheridan ended the game on a 7-1 run, making it a 19-point game against Redeemer.

“I thought we did a really good job. At times I wasn’t really happy with our defence, but when we did work hard defensively, we really imposed our will, we did a really good job,” said Bruins head coach Willie Delas.

Sabrina Brathwaite, a 5-foot-7 guard contributed 14 points, 17 rebounds, and 7 assists to the team. Lovat, 5-foot-4, had 16 points and 10 rebounds. Guard Dainique Campbell had 18 points, shooting 9 of 18. While Shylanda Saunders had 15 points.

Coming into the game, Redeemer averaged 36.7 per cent from the three-point line, but Sheridan held the No. 1 three-point shooting team to 20 per cent shooting, allowing Royals to make only 5 of 25 threes.

“When we get into a running game we force them to play defense. At the same time, that gets them really tired offensively, so when they get over on the offensive side they really got to work at it,” said Delas. “They hit some threes… but the majority of shooters who usually hit were really fatigued and tired, we got the best out of that.”

The Lady Bruins now have a 6-4 record in OCAA. They will play the Niagara Knights on Jan. 17.