Coach gives Bruins a B-minus against Royals


Sheridan Bruins men’s basketball team beat the Redeemer Royals 115-79 on Jan. 10, but the game only got a B- grade from head coach.

“We played very good basketball for about 22 to 23 minutes and for 17 minutes we fell asleep at the switch,” said head coach Jim Flack.

The Bruins scored 6 threes in the first quarter to get a 28-17 lead by the end of the first.

In the second quarter the Bruins increased their lead by as much as 24, but the Royals went go on a 14-3 run cutting Sheridan’s lead to 11 points. Double Blue led 57-46 by halftime.

In the second quarter alone, Sheridan committed 10 fouls.

Fouling negates hustle because it stops the clock, explained Flack. The Bruins didn’t do a good a good job with fouling in the first half, but did better the second half. The idea is to make the opposing team sprint and take early shots, Flack added.

Coming into the third quarter Redeemer cut Double Blue’s lead to 6 points. It wasn’t until the end of the quarter that Sheridan picked up their offensive stride going on a 16-3 run, ending the third 87-64.

The Bruins would win the game by 36 points.

Shooting guard Cory Cooper was the leading scorer of the game with 20 points and shot 4 for 9 from behind the arc.

“I’m running my lanes and they know where I’m at, so when they look for me it’s my job to hit them,” said Cooper.

Jerome Guthrie, a 6-foot-3 small forward, contributed 19 points and 12 rebounds to the team. Point guard Alan Anderson had 13 points and 8 assists. Forward Roshean Keen contributed 15 points and 14 rebounds to the team.

The Bruins now have a 9-1 record in OCAA and they will play Niagara Knights on Jan. 17.