New “rez” problems are starting to getting fixed


Residents are still divided on the new residence building at Trafalgar Campus.

The new residence has been a hot topic since it opened in the fall, when students found problems including, missing appliances, broken plumbing and the roar of trucks in the dead of night.

Back in September the Sheridan Sun reported that the six-floor building occupied by 474 students that was supposed to be fully operational by the first day of classes, was already having problems.

Even though there were problems at the start, some of students still enjoy their time in residence.

“I enjoyed being in residence,” said Matt Cummings, 19, an Art Fundamentals student. “I’ve met people, but I’d rather have my own place.”

Art Fundamentals student Scott Pitman, 19, agreed.

“I like rez,” said Pitman. “At the beginning I was missing things from my room such as the TV and the toilet paper holder though,” said Pitman.

“If I can’t find a house though I would return to residence,” he added.

For Jenna Walker, 18, an Arts Fundamentals student, there have been problems since she moved in that have only been fixed recently.

“For the first four months I didn’t have air conditioning or heat,” said Jenna Walker, 18. “It only worked once we came back from break. We got some money back for that.”

When maintenance tried to fix the problem they discovered there was a gaping hole from Walker’s room to the outside.

First-year Computer Systems Analyst student Kyle Moreira, 19, has had enough of the problems with his room.

“There is a lack of insulation underneath the window,” said Moreira by email. “I have to keep a towel there because I get ice and water there all the time.”

“I probably won’t be staying in residence next year,” added Moreira.

At the end of the day, it is up to the students to tell the front desk there are problems with their suites that need to be fixed.

“We need permission from the student to enter their rooms,” explained Chuck de Guzman, front desk manager at residence. “That is why we ask them to fill out a maintenance form at the front desk.

Students with problems are urged to fill out a maintenance form at the front desk.

“We follow up all reports,” he added, “and I review all the work that has been done to fix the problem.”