Stress: a pain in the neck

Dr. Justin Guy performs chiropractic work.

Dr. Justin Guy performs chiropractic work.


With the second semester in full swing, students are starting to feel the aches and pains of stress.

Students spend long periods of time sitting throughout the day, folded into uncomfortable positions.

“Most students make their bodies curve around the work station where it should be the other way around causes strain in the muscles,” said Dr. Justin Guy, chiropractor at Oakville Chiropractic & Rehabilitation Centre. “If the pain goes on untreated, you could start to have symptoms like fatigue, poor sleep, irritability and depression.”

As well as physical pain, the reports that chiropractic can help with mental pains as well as lowering blood pressure and reducing stress.

A chiropractic adjustment is a therapeutic intervention performed along the spinal joints geared to patients’ problems.

“It’s hard to focus when you’re stressed,” said Nathan Storm, 22, first-year Art Fundamentals student.

“Everything aches but you try and push through it, which just makes it worse. I would definitely consider going if it could help.”

Guy’s practice is one of the centres that honour the $25 benefit that Sheridan’s Student Union benefits plan provides, giving students 50 per cent off the regular $50 visit offers treatments like acupuncture, massage therapy and ergonomics.

The SSUI medical benefit is offered by and offers a maximum of $25 off medical visits up to $400 per policy year.

“I know that you can use them [benefits] to get prescriptions filled, for eye care, dental care, massage etc.  You have to pay up front in most cases and then submit a claim form,” said Laurie Ritchie, a registered nurse at the Sheridan College Health Centre, in an email interview.

The SSUI benefits cover visits to psychologists, massage therapists, physiotherapists etc.

Sheridan also has counsellors right at the school that can help students deal with the stresses of school and cope with them.

“I always start by asking if a student has always been stressed, and try to figure out, if no, then what’s different now,” said Dr. Quynn Morehouse, a counsellors at Sheridan.  “We want to make sure they’re getting enough sleep, eating enough, getting the social support that they need, as well as exercise which can make a big difference, and managing their time appropriately.”

To visit a counsellor, make an appointment in B104 at Trafalgar and B230 at Davis.

Contact: Oakville Chiropractic and Rehabilitation Centre, 589 Argus Rd., 905-339-3773,

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