Sheridan bruins cricket team ready to face upcoming tournament


Sheridan Bruins Cricket team

Sheridan Bruins Cricket team

Members of Sheridan Bruins’ cricket team are confident they can win an upcoming tournament.

The team has its first match at Seneca College on Feb 7.

“We are practicing hard to win the tournament this time,” said Anuj Khosla, wicketkeeper – batsman of Sheridan’s cricket team. “We are at our best now and learning under the coach Tahir Khan, benefitting our team spirit most.”

Teams from seven schools are participating in the tournament: Seneca, Centennial, Humber, Georgian, Sheridan, UTM and George Brown College.

“We made it to the finals in the last tournament but unfortunately lost to Humber College,” said Muhammad Siraj Moosa, batsman of the team. “It’s different this time. We are well prepared, confident and our all batsman and bowlers are in their form.”

Sheridan player Sayeed Yafai is a big fan of the sport.

“It’s different this time. We are well prepared, confident and our all batsman and bowlers are in their form”
Muhammad Siraj Moosa

Sheridan Bruins Batsman


“Cricket is the game that is very famous in South-Asian countries and that’s the reason we have eight players from India, two from Pakistan and one from Guyana,” said Yafai. “After this tournament we have three or four more tournaments waiting this year.”

Indoor cricket is similar to cricket but there are a few different rules. Indoor cricket is played between two teams of six players, and each player must bowl two overs and bat in a partnership for four overs. Each team’s innings last 12 overs.

Sooklall Trevor from Guyana used to play cricket on his school team. After coming to Sheridan as an international student, he joined Sheridan’s cricket team at Davis Campus.

“I am a bowler in the team and very happy to get selected for the Davis cricket team,” said Trevor. “We are very con

fident to win a tournament cup because we are practising very hard.”

Sheridan’s cricket team has good opening batsman players, which is making it a stronger team than ever, according to Yash Patel, an all-rounder on the team.

“Sanjoth Singh and Rohan Tendulkar both are our opening batsman and are in good form as well,” he said. “We are hoping for a good lead score in their opening partnership.”