Surf your way into the job field


Event poster

Event poster

Kiran R. Khan – Sheridan News

Students are invited to HMC to learn more about social networking tools and how they can use it to find a job after graduating.

“How to Network in Canada is a workshop for international students, which is destined to teach our newcomers the basics of the culture of effective networking in Canada,” said Andrii Sadlak, president of Sheridan International Student Association. “The [workshop] is put together by the international society to reach out to graduating students of all campuses and improve the students’ chances to find the job they really want and become more confident when it comes to communication.”

Mandi Buckner, a career support specialist, will host the event.

“Mandi Buckner is a remarkable speaker and an expert on the subject of networking,” Sadlak said.

Sadlak says that social network profiles are useful when it comes to searching for a job. However, students should also be aware of how to create the perfect profile to improve better job choices.

Buckner agrees. “Using social media is a huge tool that can be very beneficial for individuals trying to secure a job in their respective fields. To be successful, one must understand about networking,” she said.

She hopes that students will think about networking and start building lifelong professional relationships.

“I am going to be speaking about what networking is and what networking is not,” Buckner said. “I will also be speaking about why it is important to use networking to support students as they move into their professional lives. I will be providing practical tips and resources, and we will be practicing effective methods of networking.”

Buckner wants to explain to students what networking really means and how its appropriate use can help students.

Sadlak also believes that along with knowing how to maintain your profile online, students should build confidence to achieve their goals.

“Personally I believe that you have to try all possible ways to success and keep your job search strategy balanced,” Sadlak said. “At the same time, know which is your strong side to focus on and go ahead with improving it.”

The event is going to be hosted on Mar. 5 at 5p.m. in the HMC auditorium A145. To register, students are requested to visit: