You never forget your first love


Of all the firsts we encounter in our life, none is as impactful or as memorable as our first love, and student Nicole Northcott can vouch for that.

Northcott, 25, is in her final year of Office Administration, Legal at Davis campus and vividly remembers her first love when she was 14-years-old.

“Love as a teen I feel is still love,” she says, “true love really. Being in love as an adult is more intense and mature. It comes with more complications sometimes since it’s usually more serious, but [it’s] equally rewarding when it’s good.”

The one that started it all off however was in grade nine, and to this day she has nothing negative to say of him and the time they were together.

She met him at a mutual friend’s birthday party and laughs about how it all happened.

“All the girls that were there were madly in love with this kid, and I didn’t show him the time of day,” she laughs, “I don’t even know how it started.”

The relationship lasted until graduation, four years later.

Northcott thought it was time to “venture out” after high school was over and to try new things. “We were so young and together for so long,” she says, “I felt like I was married, but I enjoyed it.”

She has been in love two more times since then, but her first will always be her first. “I don’t think anyone forgets their first love, even if they wish they could,” she jokes.

She remembers going to Mexico with him and his family in grade 11, which was “pretty fun.”

Looking back on it now, Northcott knows that it was real love and not puppy love.

She still has a box in her closet with letters, pictures and other items that remind her of that certain time.

“If I could go back I probably wouldn’t have broken up with him and see how long it lasted,” she says. She doesn’t regret the decision she made back then, but says she would be interested to see what would have happened if things went differently.

They are “somewhat friends” still, having no bad blood between them. “We didn’t break up for anything in particular, nothing bad,” she says.


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