Marketing student event helps Sick Kids


Hazel McCallion Campus was in high gear on March 21 for Carnival Day.

The event was organized by the Marketing program as an incentive for students to earn grades, but the ultimate goal was to raise money for the Sick Kids Hospital Foundation.

Jake Hernandez, a Marketing student, explained the reasoning behind the event.

“It was part of our Professional Edge class,” said Hernandez in A Wing at HMC. “The point of the event was to come up with an innovative event with a theme to raise money for Sick Kids Hospital. So we had to come up with food and games and come up with a price and raise as much money as we can.”

He said that at the time of the event they had raised a total of $110 for the hospital and that 60 people had attended the event at the time.

Marketing student Carlo Salayo explained how the event was organized.

“A few weeks ago, the professors let us know that we were going to be hosting something like this. Then we started planning last week. We were kind of last minute but it worked out.”

Students ran games such as ring toss, bottle toss and a miniature basketball game.