And the rain came down into garbage bins


The SCAET building has a leak and the college’s building department believes the problem is in the vent system.

A mixed rain and snowstorm hit the area on Wednesday, March 12, which resulted in the college cancelling classes and closing at 2 p.m.

During the stormy morning, custodial staff placed garbage and recycling bins in three areas of SCAET: the entrance, the bottom of the stairs and outside the newsroom.

This is a recurring scene for those who have been at Sheridan College for a while.

“There were no reports, I’m puzzled why no one called it in,” Chris Nanos, manager of facilities operations, said during a phone interview.

“We’ve got some equipment on the roof that’s been poorly designed.”

The equipment Nanos is referring to is the heating ventilating and air-conditioning system (HVAC) vents. Nanos said that during rain or snowstorms, the wind would push the rain or snow into the ductwork.

During the winter, snow ends up going into the vent and begins to melt when the weather gets warmer

“The leak is not a roof leak, it is the snow melting inside the vent,” said Nanos.

The HVAC vent is just a theory and Nanos plans to test the vents to see if it is the cause of the water coming into the SCAET building.

“We’ll continue to monitor it, but we do still need feedback and reports from students and faculty,” he said.

Nanos asks that students and faculty call the extension 2255 and report any incidents to the Facilities and Maintenance service desk.