Davis Campus gets Bhangra jammin’


Bhangra Desi Jam at Davis Campus last week gave international students a taste of home.

Every year Marketing students have to create an event. Last year they created the Bhangra Desi Jam. Bhangra refers to many dances that originated from the Punjab region.

“We really didn’t know, the first year, how popular it would be,” said John McRae, a Marketing professor and student advisor. “It was pretty popular but this year was a lot more popular, 50 per cent more popular I’d say.”

Marketing students organized and promoted the event. Indian music began playing even before the event officially began at 2 p.m. Many danced but many more were mere spectators enjoying the music, dancing, free samosas and juice.

“We are international students here, so this is a great opportunity to enjoy and celebrate our home away from home,” said Shivam Bansal, an international student from India. “There are 200 students over there and they are enjoying it.”

While most were in their regular clothes, Amrindarjeet Kaur Siddu, an international student from India, was a little more festive, with a traditional Indian dress.

“Every international student has been waiting for this event,” said Siddu. “They’ve been waiting for a long time.”

Though the Bhangra is from Indian culture, students from all over enjoyed the event.

International students pay more fees to be here and the dance jam is a nice thing to make them feel more comfortable, explained McRae.

“Sheridan gave us an opportunity to enjoy our Punjabi culture so we have a lot of thanks to Sheridan College,” said Ansh Kumar, an international student.

Students are already looking ahead to a third Bhangra Desi Jam next year.