REBEL fest: Make things happen


The Culture, Recreation and Library divisions of Mississauga are calling on all youths for their annual REBEL festival.

The week – long event, which runs May 1-7, celebrates the creative talents of Mississauga youth.

It was in 2012 that the first REBEL event ran in association with National Youth Week and National Youth Arts Week.

“The name ‘Rebel’ originally came to be as part of the anniversary to the Rebellion of 1837. But, we also got inspiration from an art show produced by Erindale Secondary School during 2012, which highlighted the techniques of ‘Rebel’ Canadian artist, Norval Morriseau,” said Lisa Abbott, Supervisor of Cultural Events and Promotion for the City of Mississauga.

Two hundred events will run across Mississauga that highlight many different creative aspects.

This year, there are four free workshops that can assist youth for the future and entertain. There is a digital design workshop, that teaches youth how to make their own websites, apps and how to use specific software.

Metalworks Studios in Mississauga is also opening their doors to REBEL fest, to teach young people how to do an actual in – studio recording.

“I think it’s important for kids to come out to these events,” Abbott said. “There is so much talent in Mississauga and we want kids to be proud of where they come from- so they will stay here and be involved.”

The Erin Meadows Community Centre and Library of Mississauga is also participating with a contest calling on youth to design a mural and submit an entry so it could possibly be painted in the building during REBEL week.

“My kids [ages 12,15] are definitely going,” Abbott said. “They actually gave me a lot of ideas for the festival.”

The Library is also having a Black Out poetry display, where anyone can come in, pick up a book and mark out words they don’t want in their poem and can end up as a partly blacked out page, with a poem hidden inside.

“It is really amazing seeing all the talent that comes from this city,” Abbott said.

Devon Glover, a hip hop artist, educator, performer and poet, originally from Brooklyn, New York, is also coming to REBEL to share his story to young people and hopefully perform.

The City of Mississauga is expecting at least 10, 000 people to show up to REBEL throughout the week.

“It can help introduce youth to new creative industries and can also showcase artists at the same time,” Abbott said. “Get too as many as events that you possibly can.”

Most events do not have a required age limit, but some workshops and certain events require older youth as they may be dealing with expensive equipment. For more information of the events, search @SaugaRebel on Twitter.