Shuttle Bus to run through the Summer


Students using the shuttle bus to travel among campuses

Students using the shuttle bus to travel among campuses

The Sheridan shuttle bus will continue to run to all four campuses over the summer.

The school and Student Union decided the free bus would be helpful to students taking classes over the summer and staff and faculty travelling among the campuses

“Some students choose to take classes over the summer to lighten their course load and there are programs that run through the summer,” Student Union president Jenna Pulver said in a phone interview.

The Student Union estimates 400 staff and students use the shuttle bus each week.

The buses will operate hourly over the summer, the same schedule as for the fall and winter semesters.

“I’m pretty excited because I have classes over in Brampton,” said William Shannon, a first-year student in Community and Justice Services.

Shannon takes the bus from Oakville to the Brampton Campus, and with the stops at the Skills Training Centre and the Mississauga Campus, his one-hour commute is “a bit much.”

The commute is not the only issue for some students.

“I use the shuttle bus almost every day and the 8 a.m. bus is always 10 minutes late,” said Ronak Sawhney, a second-year business finance student. Sawhney is taking classes at both HMC and the Davis Campus, and will rely the shuttle bus. He hopes the shuttle will start arrives on time.

“I won’t be using it over the summer, but I think it will be helpful,” said Jaime Reynolds, a student in Media Fundamentals.

Reynolds is curious how many students will use the shuttle bus over the summer.

“I’m wondering about the cost of running it and the amount of people using it over the summer. It may not be worth it financially for the Student Union.”

The cost of the use of shuttle bus throughout the year and the summer has cost the school and the Student Union $460,602. Pulver believes it will be beneficial for faculty and staff over the summer.

“For students and faculty, it will be time and cost-efficient,” said Pulver.