SU throws welcome home event


Sheridan Student Union held its first outdoor event on Wednesday in Trafalgar’s student parking lot to welcome back everyone.

Held from 11 a.m. until 3 p.m., the free event for all students, staff and faculty offered carnival games, snacks and information on clubs.

Nadine Heath, SU’s senior marketing manager, was in charge of the event and helped hand out t-shirts and encouraged students to join the many clubs.

Jacob Carty, 18, second year photography student, Jessica Noble, 20, and Colin Price, 20, both third year photography students, prepare the Rat Race Obstacle course.

Jacob Carty, 18, second-year Photography student, Jessica Noble, 20, and Colin Price, 20, both third-year Photography students, prepare the Rat Race Obstacle course.

“Class has stopped most students from showing up right away, but it’s a beautiful day so we hope more students show up. But it really feels like we are competing with classes. The last hour there may be a rush of students,” said Heath.

Students enjoyed themselves but had a few criticisms of the event.

“More people should have shown up,” said Lorenzo Teodonno, 19, first-year Computer Programming. “There should be more shade and more stuff to do but it’s alright. It’s still fun. I wanted to do the Amazing Race but I couldn’t find it. I didn’t know where to go and no one was talking about it. I wish the school had a PA system or something to help announce this sort of thing.”

There was also a club sign-up table for students to check out.

The slam dunk trampoline is tons of fun for everyone, like Manolitto Aguirre, 24,  first year advanced special effects student

The slam dunk trampoline is tons of fun for everyone, like Manolitto Aguirre, 24, first year advanced special effects student“

“I’ve been dragging people over to the club signup. We aren’t getting as many people as we hoped so I’m just bringing people over best I can,” said James Babarinde, 22, third-year Illustration student, and leader of the Sheridan Soccer Club, who was in charge of the signup table, where he helped students find a club they were interested in.

Babarinde also ran a soccer mini game to promote the Soccer Club.

“Choose a coloured ball in the net and try to knock that one off to win a prize. People can win soccer balls and t-shirts. Pretty much this is so people will join the club. I want people to check out our Facebook.”

The festival included many inflatable carnival games, including a obstacle course called Rat Race, four-way-Twister, human foose ball, a slam dunk trampoline and a wrecking ball game where students attempt to knock each other from platforms, pie throwing, cotton candy, snow cones and a dunk tank were also present at the festival.

“This is the funniest looking thing I’ve ever seen,” said Chris Berwick, 24, a student in joint program between Sheridan and U of T for Art and Art History who manned the dunk tank. “It’s gonna be priceless dunking people in.”

Unfortunately for Berwick he was one of two people who participated in the dunk, along with Student Union president Jenna Pulver, who came to the festival to greet students and took part in an ALS ice bucket challenge on behalf of the school.

“This is our first outdoor event at Trafalgar,” said Pulver. “It’s a good way to meet people and enjoy the weather.”

Pulver was excited about the event.

“It’s for all ages and clean fun. No drinking or pub stuff. It’s really good, we got to promote other events and it’s a good way to have students meet their student union.”

Another student said the festival was fun but a little lacking.

“I like the stuff available here to do but I feel it’s really empty,” said Sonika Gupta, 19, first-year Systems Analyst. “My high school used to do this sort of thing and it would bring out everyone. They should have more food and advertising for this so people know.”

Check out the Soccer club!

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