Culture globalization: Sheridan’s next step



When Sheridan’s Joe Henry went to China to recruit new students, he was not expecting the impact it would have on him.

“It was an eye-opening experience,” Henry says. “I’ve never travelled anywhere outside of Canada before and to see the different way they live – was amazing.”

This year’s President’s Challenge is about globalization and multiculturalism.

As associate dean of student success Henry is always seeking ways to make the college more successful and help students have a better and memorable experience.

“One thing I learned from travelling to China was all of us can learn so much so much from our international students,” Henry says.

“They can give us a different point of view and as we [Sheridan] become more cultural competent, we learn so much more.”

This summer, Yan Wu from Sheridan’s International Centre, led a group of colleagues to Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen in hopes of helping prospective students currently living in China with the transition from China to Canada.

“It has to be so hard for these students. Just moving from one city to another can be hard – but an entirely different country, I just couldn’t imagine it,” Henry says.

While Henry was in China, he did three pre-arrival orientation sessions with students –learning what they were like and introducing them to Canadian ways.

“We want them to feel like they are a part of our community,” says Henry.

Although Sheridan has international students associations, Henry wants to encourage Sheridan to find ways to link Canadian students with those from other countries.

This year the President’s Challenge is focusing on the globalization of Sheridan and how to make the college more culturally friendly.

“Jeff Zabudsky’s challenge this year is a great way to move forward with the international experience,” says Henry. “The challenge involves finding a way to globalize the Sheridan community and make the new students feel at home.”

Henry is encouraging students to “globalize” their view and learn way to support and encourage the international students.

“There are so many international students here at Sheridan and I think by doing little things, like becoming more adaptable or learning [a couple terms] we could ease their transition.”