Cask night with Cameron’s Brewing Company


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Come on Sheridan students, get your cask in gear!

If you like to party, dress up and drink beer, Cameron’s Brewing Company wants to see you at its monthly Cask Nights.

“I will send a bus to Sheridan College to get them over here,” says Kelly Harris, head of events and promotions at Oakville’s Cameron’s Brewing Company, near Eighth Line and Iroquois Shore Rd.

Harris coordinates all the events the brewery holds and she wants more Sheridan College students to come out.

The indie brewery’s most popular event is Cask Night, which takes place the last Thursday of every month.

In addition to partying and eating, attendees can sip samples of beer that have never been brewed before.

Last week they debuted Triple Dry Hopped, an 8 per cent level ale that has a citrus kick in the after taste.

Cameron’s Brewing Company website lists all the beers they sell and the stories behind them.

“Cameron’s RPA (rye pale ale), California Sunshine APA (American pale ale) and Resurrection are the flavours that do very well,” says Harris.

Everyone gets a taste and depending on the feedback they get from the crowd, they decide if they want to start making it on a regular basis.

The brewery atmosphere was filled with the smell of beer because the equipment they use to make it surrounds the event floor.

 About 50 people were dancing in their ‘80s themed costumes to some ‘80s music played by the cover band named The Sticky Keys.

There was also ‘80s trivia quiz and the winner gets free beer.

Harris is looking for new ways to enhance the experience at Cask Night that may attract more students.

“It happens on a Thursday, so why not add a TV and put on football (Thursday night football),” said Mike Smyth, who was enjoying last weeks event.

Smyth, 26, plays on a hockey team sponsored by Cameron’s Brewing Company, which led him to checking out Cask Night on its website.

The website is one of the only places they advertise what’s on the agenda, which maybe the reason the events aren’t filled with students.

“Its not a big company. Only a handful of us work here. Kelly does what she can,” says employee Kyle Smith.

Smith, 25, has been in charge of the filtration process at Cameron’s brewery for two years and is one of the brewery tour guides.

During the event they offer tours to show the step-by-step process of making beer.

His passion and knowledge for beer really keeps you involved with the tour.

“I do want to keep working in the brewing industry. It’s so much fun,” Smith added.

The small company has more than 100 years in its 17-year existence and they the community to be a part of it.

No matter who you ask at Cameron’s Brewing Company, they will tell you the same thing when asked if they want Sheridan College students to attend the brewery’s events.

The president of Cameron’s Brewing Company, Peter Cullen, explained the desire to involve college students best.

“Does the sun come up in the morning? Of course I want them here.”