Potluck dinner brings International students closer together


Nothing helps people get to know each other quicker than sharing food.

Trafalgar Campus’ Sheridan International Student Association (SISA) hosted its first event last Thursday with a potluck dinner.

Students gathered in E Wing to share traditional dishes from their home countries with other SISA members.


Students line up to fill their plates with international dishes.

Corey Mohamed, 19, a student in Technical Production for Theatre and Live Events program and vice-president of SISA, believes that an event like this is good because it brings people closer together.

“It’s a way of getting to know everyone, getting to know other cultures and other backgrounds of people from different places from all over the world without having to go to other places,” Mohamed said. 


Vice-president of SISA Corey Mohamed, 19, sits and watches SISA members interact and eat food.

Tuyi Chen, 18, emphasized the “big family feeling” she gets from SISA and how much she wanted to bring her food and take part in the potluck dinner.

“We have many international students coming from different areas,” said Chen.

Chen also wishes students outside of SISA would join in on events because Canada’s such a multicultural country.

Some of the dishes that members brought included pulav, a rice dish and palabok, a noodle dish.


Pulav – this is a vegetarian rice dish.


Palabok – a delicious noodle dish.

SISA member Krittika Malhotra, 22, brought chat palao.

“I love to travel, and I love to taste other people’s food, so that’s why I was here,” Malhotra said.

Malhotra also mentioned wanting to see cultural festivals in the future.

“I love culture and I would like to know about their cultures, any event which includes something that will make me more knowledgeable about other people’s cultures,” Malhotra said.

Chen wants SISA to host more events like the potluck in the future and hopes to see a Halloween event for members.

For more information about SISA, contact Corey Mohamed at corey.mohamed@sheridancollege.ca