Where our food comes from


Most of us eat locally grown produce, but not all of us know the facts about the produce we eat. Harvest Halton was an event held on Oct.5, in Milton, about where our food comes from. That was the inspiration for this infographic.

Produce Available during October is found bordering the infographic. If you would like to find produce found in different months, you can check Harvest Ontario’s website here.

Hog and Pig farming has among the highest average total agricultural sales, just over 1 million. Fruit and vegetables have among the lowest sales, at 500,000 combined.

Most of your produce is found in Western Ontario, which is the region Oakville is categorized under, according to Statistics Canada. Erin and Burlington own the most Agricultural Land surrounding Oakville, while Mississauga owns the least.

There has also been a decline in Projected National Production Rates due to weather. Total wheat production will go down -26.8%, a dramatic change for Canada’s lead produce.

Infographic - Food - Sam