Sheridan Comic Con is on the way


Do you want to save the world? Or maybe you are the type who wants to conquer it.

Either way, hero or villian, all are welcome at the first Sheridan Comic Con at Davis Campus on Oct 27 to 31.

The event aims to promote creativity on campus, and invites students to meet artists working in the comic industry, share their own creativity through cosplay, fan-art and ideas for comics or comics they have created themselves.

Micky Kumar, 19, second-year Accounting student, is in charge of the event and wanted to bring comic book fans together.

“A number of students were keen comic book fans so I wanted to have a big event to celebrate and engage the fans at our school,” said Kumar. “The goal of this event is to help introduce people to the world of comics and the fun of a comic con.”

Everything from DC to Marvel to Star Wars and Star Trek will have a presence.

Costume contests, superhero movies, bake sales, raffle draws and video game competitions will also be part of the event.

Christopher Yao, a Sheridan graduate and comic book artist will be present along with toy maker and comic book writer Sam Noir and cartoonist Dyl Kloepfer, who all have made contributions to the world of comics, and will give tips and tricks to upcoming artists and writers while promoting their own work.

Two artist groups will be attending to recruit members and encourage creativity, including Spent Pencils, a group specializing in charity work through art, and teaching different styles, and the Toronto-based group From A Hat, whose idea is to pick a topic at random from a hat and have all members of the group draw their own interpretation.

Identity Productions will also be selling custom costume pieces and fan-art.

The superhero gaming competition will take place on Oct. 28, with superhero face off the next day, a movie marathon and a Halloween/comic con pub night on Oct. 31.

For more information check out the facebook page, Sheridan Comic Con 2014, or email

also take a look at the sheridan comic con weebly with even more info!