Sheridan MoBros aim to raise awareness and funds



Jordan Carlson rocks his blue moustache from Movember 2013.

Hairy faces will be all over the world this month as men become walking billboards for the Movember movement.

“Mo Bros,” will go on their 13th year of raising money and spreading awareness of men’s health issues such as prostate cancer and mental health.

Sheridan’s team will join the movement for their third consecutive year.

The team call themselves the SheridanMoBros and is lead by a Sheridan Davis Campus student advisor, Jordan Carlson.

The team was first created by Student Success Officer, Andrew Staples in 2012 and has been the team taptain since then.

It will be Carlson’s first year as team captain for the team because Staples will be out of the country.

Last year the team raised $3,200 and Carlson hopes to raise as much as they can.

“Ideally the goal is to match or top that obviously. We’ve been progressing fairly steadily over the last of couple of years. We’ll see how many people we’ll get out but everybody goes pretty hard trying to fundraise money. We’ve started to notice as well that more of Sheridan is getting involved. I’ve already seen student groups pop up at HMC as well as through Student Union,” Carlson said.

Movember isn’t the only popular movement involving people around the world. The ALS bucket challenge went viral via social media.

But did people donate?


“It’s a tough go I mean realistically, the big thing is raising awareness…It’s great that people are getting out there. It’s great that people are promoting the cause, but at the same time, they have to realize that the ultimate goal is to try and progress change. So by getting donations, we can utilize that towards furthering the cause,” said Carlson.

Carlson encourages everyone to support the cause.

“We’re not looking for huge amounts of money, just whatever anybody can give to support the cause is fantastic,” Carlson said.

One of Sheridan’s Media Arts students, Steve Patoine, is another participant joining the movement.


“I love the Movember movement. It’s a fun and creative way for guys to support cancer… for myself it’s a proud new look every year,” said Patoine, who shaved Halloween night for a fresh start.

Patoine has been participating since 2011 and his girlfriend is looking forward for those warm kisses.

“Since 2011, my girlfriend at the time hated kissing me for that month of November. But my current one is ecstatic, she loves the fur,” said Patoine.

It is Patoine’s first year of creating his own page for donations, as he hasn’t for the previous years.

“I find that even for those who don’t donate and want to participate should be able to. I feel that if the individual wants to participate in a cancer movement that involves them to express themselves by altering their look, shouldn’t hold back. I’m all for it. Just show respect, don’t forget to donate when you can, for any cause,” said Patoine.

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