Helping the community with the change in your pocket


Sheridan is looking for change . . . loose change that is.

Organizers of Sheridan’s annual United Way campaign, which runs for nine days beginning Nov. 17, are hoping the college community will partake in this year’s Toonie Tuesday event.

“It’s where all faculty and staff and students will be encouraged to contribute a toonie during Sheridan’s United Way week,” said Terry Kostiw, co-organizer of the college’s campaign.

Other activities during the November fundraiser will include a silent auction, which will offer items such as artwork created by Sheridan students and Toronto Maple Leaf tickets. The bidding starts Nov. 21 at 9 a.m.

Organizers of the drive hope to raise $75,000 this year, $10,000 less than last year’s target.

“It’s our way to lend financial support to our community,” said Kostiw.


United Way and Sheridan have been working together on running this campaign successfully for more than years.

“Sheridan College is an asset to Oakville, and we are exceptionally proud to know that Sheridan College is one of our supporters,” said Brad Park, CEO of United Way Oakville.

United Way is a non-profit organization comprised of more than 100 sectors across Canada. Each sector raises money and distributes funds locally to support its community.

“It’s not good when our neighbours are suffering in poverty or in need of support because of mental health issues,” said Sheridan Jeff Zabudsky. “Whatever we can do to help United Way, is helping make a stronger community for everyone.”

United Way Oakville currently helps run 53 programs and 32 social service agencies. The entire network runs joint fundraising campaigns with colleges and universities across Canada.

“It’s not for personal glory or to give Sheridan a gold star,” said Darren Lawless, dean of Undergraduate Research. “It’s that people really need that helping hand, and if you really think about it, we’ve all needed that helping hand,” he said.

“I encourage people to reach out and look within themselves and say ‘have you ever needed somebody to help out or to be a shoulder to cry on, to help you up when you’ve stumbled?’” said Lawless. “The society I want to live in is a fair and equitable society, so steps need to be taken to make it that.”

Students can get involved with the school’s campaign by emailing