Meet the keeper of the Cup


(Photo Courtesy of  Greg Dean / SignatureGold)


He started from the bottom and now he’s the Keeper of the Cup.

Sheridan graduate Phil Pritchard started as a student at Sheridan, ending up as the vice – president of the resources centre at the Hockey Hall of Fame.

But, he’s probably best known as the guy with the white gloves who travels everywhere with the Stanley Cup.

“I’m on the road a lot. Travelling is awesome but the hotel life is awful,” said Pritchard. “But, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I go all around the world.”

Many nations copy Canada and it’s love for hockey, he said. “It’s the best form of flattery.”

On Nov. 20, the Hockey Hall of Fame and Sheridan Alumni Office are hosting a night of hockey at the D.K. Seaman Hockey Resource Centre in downtown Toronto.

Jennifer Clarke, manager of alumni at Sheridan, encourages Sheridan graduates and students to go and hear Pritchard’s story.

“[The event] is primarily for alumni, but current students are more than welcome,” Clarke said. “It’s an inspiration to know someone like Pritchard and know what he did and how he achieved it.”


The alumni office is offering exclusive access to Hockey Hall of Fame archives, with a presentation by Pritchard about his travels and what it is like being the Keeper of the Cup.

“You’ll be able to see a lot of memorabilia and collectibles that are usually behind glass,” Clarke said.

Together the guests and Pritchard will watch the Toronto Maple Leafs take on the Tampa Bay Lightning, in a private room at the centre.

The Keeper of the Cup is looking forward to meeting Sheridan students and believes it will be a great night.

“Basically, it’s an evening of hockey with Sheridan grads. It will be a great social atmosphere.”

Pritchard originally studied accounting at Sheridan, which led him to specialize in sports administration at Durham College.

“I got an internship at Ontario Hockey League, where I worked at the Hockey Hall of Fame,” said Prichard.

“I think it is important for [Sheridan students] to know I wasn’t 100 per cent sure what I wanted to do in life. My Sheridan experience led me to where I belonged. Just remember not to close any doors, you’ll never know where you will be.”