Refresh and de-stress

Having trouble studying for tests and exams? The First Year Library Team at Sheridan wants to help.

On Monday, Dec. 1 at Davis Campus library, first Exam Jam, aimesheridan-exam-jam1d at helping students during their academic studies, will take place.

“We took the idea from University of Toronto,” says Jamie Goodfellow, First Year Librarian. “But, basically the idea is to help engage students and help them prepare for their studies.”

The college has surveyed students at Davis Campus and has concluded that students in students in some course have a high demand for tutors, so the Exam Jam is oriented toward those programs.

“The courses that we will be focusing on are introduction to chemistry, object oriented programming and mathematics,” Goodfellow says. “We have a great group of instructors, faculty and tutors lined up to help.”


The event will run all day, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. ; offering hour – long study sessions, arts and crafts, physical activities, food and possibly therapy dogs.

“It is important for students to have a combination of supporting academic skills and also take it easy,” says Goodfellow. “It’s a healthy balance.”

According to Goodfellow, Sheridan has several resources for students within the library, such as databases, tutors, and citation specialists.

“This Exam Jam is a good reminder to students of all the services here at Sheridan,” says Goodfellow. “It’s important to let them know of the services that can help during this stressful time of year.”

This is the first year Sheridan is running the Exam Jam, but Goodfellow hopes to continue it for many years.
“We will see how many people we get this year, but hopefully in the future we can reach more students. It’s just immensely important for students to realize if they need help with their studies, simply ask.”