Hung up on finding the right hangover cure

Students who over-consume alcohol can wake up feeling horrible

Students who over-consume alcohol can wake up feeling horrible (Photo by Kate Woods/ The Sheridan Sun)


You remember hanging out at the bar and drinking the night away, never once thinking about the dizziness and headache you will experience in the morning.

“A hangover is an indication of over consumption of alcohol,” said Mary Anne Vanos, a coordinator and instructor in the Practical Nursing program at Davis Campus, in an email.

“The best way to cure a hangover is to avoid over-consumption of alcohol.”

However, asking students to avoid over-consuming alcohol is like asking bees to produce vinegar. It’s never going to happen. The best that can be done is to warn them of the risks and tell them what they can do to help cure a hangover.

“When you’re hungover, you’re dehydrated, so you need to rehydrate,” said Eric Cheng, a former bouncer at Failte Irish Pub, in Mississauga across from Square One, in a phone interview.

“When you get home, take two Tylenol and drink an entire bottle of water or Gatorade before you go to sleep. You want to restore your electrolytes.”

While rehydration and avoiding over-consumption are good tips for curing, or avoiding, hangovers, students, who responded via a Facebook survey, have their own interesting cures and preventions.


“This sounds weird, but wear a mosquito repellent patch before you go drinking,” said Ben Callaghan, a second-year student in the university profile of General Arts and Science at Trafalgar Campus.

“Some brands have B12 in them, which is apparently is a great hangover preventive. It’s always worked for me. Why cure a hangover when you can prevent it in the first place, is what I say.”

A vitamin B complex or B12 tablet should work just fine if you don’t like the idea of using a mosquito patch.

“This is an old English trick. Crush up four beef OXO cubes into a bowl, add boiling water and at least two slices of bread and mix it together,” said Edward Smith, a first-year student in the Mechanical Techniques Plumbing program at STC.

“Eat it while sitting in a cold bath and your hangover will be gone in an hour.”