An art fair to remember

Artist Alexander Rocco at the 2014 art fair chatting with visitors. (Peter Chaterton)


Artwork from around the world can be seen and bought at what is known as Toronto’s favourite art fair.

From Feb. 19 to 22, the Better Living Centre will host the eighth annual Artists Project Contemporary Art fair. Roughly 250 artists, many of whom are Canadians, will be exhibiting their work. The fair will also see work from the U.K., Berlin and Germany.

“The Artist Project was born out of a desire to create a space for independent and emerging contemporary artists to exhibit and sell their work,” said the show’s director, Claire Taylor.

“The Artist Project aims to create a unique platform where patrons can meet artists and get a glimpse of what is happening now in the art world in Canada.”

The audience will be able to interact with the illustrators, painters, photographers, sculptors and installation artists and buy their work directly. Pieces will range anywhere from $50 to $10,000.

The Artist Project differs from other art fairs because the focus is on independent artists rather than galleries.

“We visit many art events, studio spaces and art schools to look for inspiring artists to be part of the art fair,” said the fair’s producer, Amy Au.

“We ask every artist to submit an application to a jury comprised of arts professionals, then we select a different jury from year to year.”


This year nationally, renowned artist Bruno Billio will show his sculpture Rocco. The 100-foot long piece is constructed of everyday objects, stacking them on top of one another connecting them by coloured string, says Taylor.

The show will also have features called Art Chats and Art Walks in which guided tours will explore different themes and trends to understand the artists’ thought process.

“We aim to be a space of energy, creativity and exchange. The show acts as springboard for artists and their careers. Past participants have gone on to exhibit at professional galleries,” said Taylor.

The fair attracts art lovers, collectors, gallery dealers, interior designers and fashion designers each year. People all across Canada will be in attendance.

“The four days enable artists to launch their work in the contemporary art world, gauge the public’s response to their works and meet fellow artists for potential future collaborations,” said Taylor.

Tickets for the fair can be purchased here for $14.