Mississauga Arts


As a writer, I have always been fascinated by various media used to convey a message. Illustrations and drawings have been the oldest way of communicating ideas and sharing knowledge and information. Somewhere along the line, art became more than just a tool for communication, instead, it became a personal expression of passion, happiness and emotions.

When I started writing for the Sheridan Sun, I quickly realized my interest lay in reporting on figures in the spotlight. I love writing features that help bring stories of the people behind the art to the forefront.

During the course of this assignment, I had the opportunity to meet with many talented individuals. And each meeting let me feeling fascinated, elated and excited. And I only hope I have been able to convey some of that in my writing.

Visit: thesheridansun.ca/mississaugaarts/. Turn the pages and interact with brilliant artists to find out why they chose this path.