Hoop and Flow Arts Club transforms Marquee into party under the big top


(Photography By: Elise Morton/The Sheridan Sun)


The Hoop and Flow Arts Club brought the circus to life at the Marquee on Feb. 26, for a fun pub night under the big top.

Club members entertained students as they twirled hoops in the air and spun them around different parts of their bodies on the stage and dance floor.

The birthday circus pub provided Sheridan students with a unique way to relax after a long week of midterms and assignments and a reason to dress up, wear face paint, masks and colourful hats.

“Hula-hooping is often associated with circus acts, which was a good fit for the pub theme,” said Pia Supino-Mayka, a third-year Illustration student and the club president.

Whether students came to forget about school for a while or celebrate the last pub night before reading week. It was clear that the hula hooping was the main attraction of the night.

Intrigued by the hula hooping students grabbed a hoop and joined in on the fun to try out their luck with the club members.


“A lot of people were willing to hoop with us,” said Jeongyoon Lee, a third-year Illustration student and club member. “I’m glad that people found hula hooping interesting and had fun with it.”

Although many of the students couldn’t do the unique tricks, they had just as much fun trying to keep their hoops spinning around their bodies.

“It was pretty fun, I was hula hooping and it wasn’t awkward, but I’m not good at all,” said James Babarinde, a third-year Illustration student and host of the pub night contests.

“I can only keep the hula hoop up for 10 seconds, but I was getting the hang of it. I think hula hooping loosened people up and allowed them to experience a different kind of fun other than dancing that was playful.”

Students had the opportunity to show off their newfound skill and creative outfits during a hula-hoop and costume contest.

“My favourite part was learning new tricks from the club,” said Alana Kozlowski, a second-year Advertising and Marketing Communications Management student.

“The Birthday Circus Pub was an awesome experience with kickass company.”

The techno, Latin, Indian and electric music of DJ Panzof and Audi Etoffe provided a departure from the traditional circus tune.

“It was so much fun and I really liked the music,” said Kelsey Merkle, a third-year Illustration student. “I hope they have another one.”

As club members followed the rhythm of the music with their bodies and LED hoops they put on a visually spectacular show as they twirled on the stage.

“I think the event was successful,” said Chris Moors, a third-year Illustration student and club vice-president. “The music really helped and the DJs did a fantastic job.”

“It wasn’t like the usual pub, a lot of people really liked watching the hula-hoopers and I think it was really enjoyable because it was different,” said Moors.

On March 19, the Hoop and Flow Arts club will take part in a mental health event called Sheridan Talk.